Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a royal party

i was honored to be invited to caren templet's "eat drink i do" party at lounge on 20 in sacramento. in celebration of the royal wedding and caren templet's new spring collection, there was more than enough to gush and swoon over. everyone there had great sense of fashion and it was so nice to chat with other young women who appreciate the beautiful pieces by caren templet. after being introduced to caren, i got to try some fabulous girly drinks and socialize with some hard working young women about great ideal pieces for spring. more than often than not, pastel colored blazers, as well as neutrals were the main topic of conversation. babydoll and empire waist inspired dresses were also on many of the girls' want lists. i'm bummed to announce that i had forgotten my camera at the house. luckily, i have an ever so sweet boyfriend that used his camera phone to capture some of the evening.

the wonderful and amazing caren templet.

the models with their gorgeous crowns on in honor of the royal wedding of course. also pictured is myself and maria (caren templet's assistant).
choose to put together a last minute outfit with all of your most favorite stuff.
want all the outfits pictured on the models above, as well as caren's dress!
need to focus on finals this week and my new job which will be announced via facebook this evening.


my new job is amazing and i got wardrobed some amazing stuff. so long to juicy couture and welcome to the world of...? find out on thursday where i am headed. to find out as soon as tomorrow follow me at choosewant_need on twitter!

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