Sunday, January 30, 2011

school remix

as this busy weekend hit me all at once, i had no time to really sit down to share with all of you. however, i did have lots of inspiration for this upcoming week. on thursday i took some "down" time off of my own hands and headed to the school library. even though remixing my favorite winter staple pieces was not what i had planned on blogging about, this is what it has resorted to.

a girl needs to know how to mix and match the things she owns with other stuff. i realize that i often choose to wear my skinnies, leggings, boots, or some type of cardigan. it's the stuff you are most comfortable wearing that makes you feel the most confident. just like most girls, i want to expand my wardrobe as much as possible. after this month of blogging, i have helped my own style by realizing the things that may or may not be my best looks. my biggest tip of advice right now is to be bold and to not be afraid to wear something old. every time i pick up a top or a dress, i think to myself about how i wore it last and how i wore it best. next, think about how you can wear that same item differently. your wardrobe will expand the horizons.

so here's my remix of the week:
cardigan: bp nordstroms; flowy tank: target (available online only in solid or flowery prints); skinny jeans: forever21;  riding boots: target (available for half the online price if purchased in store); scarf: apt9 at kohls
location: school library, most awkward place to take a picture award goes to....
photograph taken by my good friend megan, thank you.


p.s. i'm wanting to share more with all of you this week! excited for more inspiration!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the forgotten accessory

i admired my nail polish all day today. i feel as though nail polish is the forgotten accessory. i love that you can wear certain nail polishes with any outfit and at any time of the day. being able to show off cute nail polish when you are working out, in class, or going to dinner without any extra maintenance is just icing on the cake.

first off, i am probably the last person you would want to paint your nails and i am horrible at painting my own. several nights ago, i applied two coats of this miraculous nail polish and was proud of my work. i did a good enough job to cause me to leave it on and not run straight to the nail salon. with my kind of budget, frequent trips to the nail salon are not a smart choice. however, investing in this nail polish was not only a want but a need as well. i love the darkest of reds and this nail polish by chanel makes it easier to avoid spending so much cash on manicures. the investment of about $25 can be made at most department stores. it goes on smoothly and this bottle shown below is well over a year old, still shows no signs of dryness or crusties. i also love this dark color because it matches everything!

nail colour diabolic (427) by chanel
as you can see, this bottle has taken quite the beating. it has two lids and this outside one, as well as the bottle itself have been on every trip i've gone on. the color is more known for fall or winter, but i think it's a fun mix up for summer with a dark tan.

twenty five dollars is not a bad investment on a bottle of nail polish that goes on so smoothly and lasts so long. especially since manicures now a days are roughly twenty dollars each time and you don't even get to keep the nail polish to fix any chips or cracks! and how can any girl resist the beauty of chanel...?


p.s. this is a perfect valentine's day nail polish!

p.s.s. if you are hesitant to make an investment on nail polish, i have heard lots of other great nail colors that work well for take home and diy. i personally have yet to try essie nail polish, but have heard it goes on well! i also enjoy nail polish by opi. my favorite color by them, i currently still have on my toes (chip-free) is called burlesque. check it out!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ready for february

with february a little over a week away, i am so excited for the excuses to wear pretty valentines day colors. everything that is floral, pink, deep burgundy, or girly has caught my eye. today i was in desperate search of my new sweater i was given for christmas from my mom. i absolutely love the color, the fit and the bold statement of the massive flower. i was in somewhat of a hurry today, so i didn't even need to try to avoid searching for complementing accessories. i also avoided taking any risks and just threw on my skinnies and boots.

i needed to get to school on time, i chose to be lazy and wanted to be dressed cute, yet comfy. an over sized sweater with a scoop neck that can be pulled as an "off the shoulder" is my go to.

top: lauren conrad @ kohls, jeans: forever21 skinnies, boots: steve madden intyce boots


p.s. apologies for the lack of accessories.

p.s.s. yay for valentine's day being around the corner!

Monday, January 24, 2011

too school for cool

with the first day of school, i never realized how much i enjoy seeing all of the different and unique styles of individuals wandering frantically around campus. i feel college gives so many people that one outlet for their own sense of style. we all see those girls and guys that just try too hard, and the others that just don't try at all. after keeping my eyes open to other's choices of clothing and accessories, i just could not help but share some advice.

disclaimer: i am not perfect, and i did go to my first day of class in workout clothes. i made sure to coordinate carefully and wore cute and comfy tennis shoes. (thank you reebok easytones!) it was freezing this morning and the fog was disgusting, so i bundled up as best i could. considering the fact that i went to my very first yoga class at the awkward time of noon, i felt wearing a cute yoga outfit would keep me positive and motivated for the semester. well, at least for day one.

throughout the day i saw a wide variance of looks that i just cringed at. here's a list of things i feel every girl (or even guy) should "choose to not" for the first day of school. first impressions are much more memorable than we would believe.

choose to not:
- wear your favorite football team's jersey, professors have their preferences and they will call you out if you are rooting for the opposing team. superbowl is a little less than 2 weeks away, think about it.
- wear heels. enough said, if you can't keep them on or switch to flats discreetly... wait, no... just please do not wear heels to your first day of class.. we all know you do not have a "presentation" you have to dress up for, and if you are heading to or from work, keep a change of cute flats in your car. i'm saving you from embarrassment and pain. wear a cute pair of boots or flats to "dress" up your outfit, it's just school.
- wear pajamas, tweedy bird and spiderman can stay in your bed. it just isn't even close to looking presentable. at least throw on some sweats that are meant for running errands or working out!
- wear anything super short or revealing, school is not a nightclub. i saw a girl wearing a cardigan that barely covered her bum, with just a camisole and sheer tights. keyword, sheer tights.. meant for under a dress or skirt! she literally looked like she forgot bottoms. don't be that girl.
-smoke "ciggs" as soon as you exit a class or your car. people are trying to enjoy the clean air and what's left of it, so please wait at least until you get in your car. it's an ugly accessory anyways.

i really want for everyone to take this advice and keep it in a place where it will not be forgotten. however, i know in the real world as much as everyone needs me, i can't save everyone from making major fashion faux pas. haaha. just kidding, kind of.


p.s. thank you to the remarkable people that really pushed me today. i'm stretching my limits more and more in trying new things, and i love you all for helping me do that.

p.s.s. yes, my title is quoted from pink's song "raise your glass", that quote alone felt like it described my day perfectly.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


today i was completely unmotivated to do basically anything. besides having somewhat of a headache from a lack of hydrating myself throughout the weekend, nothing sounded more appealing to me than sitting on the couch with the fatty tub of mint choco chip ice cream i found in the freezer. (thanks, mom!)

yesterday, i went on my first adventure to my school's new health and wellness center and basically kicked my own butt. by over working myself yesterday because of my highly motivated spirits, i realized to take other's advice on not wearing myself out. i want working out to be fun and positive, so swimsuit browsing online seemed to make me look forward to tomorrow's trip to the gym. preparing myself for this upcoming week in school is definitely still on my to do list for the night, all while i am trying to find the hottest swimsuit styles for this coming spring.

swimsuit browsing > preparing for school.... not really, don't take that piece of advice :)

i have mentioned before, and have found a brand called alexis that has an amazing collection that looks as though it would be ideal for any beach resort vacation. how could any girl not feel like they were off in the tropics while wearing anything from this collection. i am so obsessed and i want it.

as a girl trying to make her way through school and still having a love for fashion, i would love to sign up for every credit card i could get approved for and max it out on designer clothing but that is just not a smart idea. moving away from the bad advice, i choose to research the hottest styles through the designer name brands, and as a student, i need to keep track of those ideas and look at lower cost stores.

for swimsuits, (depending on one's body type and style) i have heard so many opinions on whether or not a swimsuit should be an investment piece. for myself, i am a more average size so it is easier for me to find a fit at any store. i also am one to want to wear a different swimsuit for each day of the week when it comes to summer time. if i plan to invest, i decide to invest in mix and match pieces. keep in mind when shopping where you will be swimming, who you are swimming with, and if it is a  swimsuit you think you will wear next year as well. very important and boring information, i apologize... but i feel it is so crucial!

hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! and wish me luck with my first week of the spring 2011 semester!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


keeping it short and sweet today. choose to want to spend the time with loved ones because they can leave you all too quickly. we need to treasure the time we have.

i spent the early afternoon with my parents and grandparents on my mom's side. a year ago today, my great papa passed away so we visited his and my great nana's grave. it was a bittersweet day to spend with the family, and remember those who have passed. i feel it is always hard to dress for a funeral or day such as today, i wanted to dress respectfully. my dad and grandpa made it nice for our family to look at life positively and enjoy it while we are all here. live, laugh and love... it's the best advice to live by.

scarf: apt.9, kohls; bracelet: lia sophia (gifted by grandma!); boyfriend blazer: zinc, nordstroms; burnout tee: (worn over black tank from nordstroms bp) pink, victoria's secret; legging: forever21;
riding boot: target (half the online price in store)
it's possible to show your own style and look respectful at a cemetery. i feel confident that i achieved that today.


photographs done by: my mama! thank you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

western shoe fetish

i haven't found it in any other target location besides the first one i saw them at. word of advice: do not ever let your boy take you away from a pair of heels that are this cute and only $20. thankfully, i have found this cute chunky tan heel sandal online. and after i check several more target locations to try on for fit, i will be purchasing them. it was easy for me to distinct this "want" into a "need". if any girl is dreaming about a pair of heels that going to be a seasonal purchase, it is a need. a distraction of my frequent visits to target, i have become sidetracked and purchased these cowboy booties (also only $20) that i wore to the professional bull riding event i went to last friday. since the sun was out today, i took advantage of wearing a short sleeve cropped shirt.

cropped top: forever21; skinnies: forever21 (shown previously);
necklace: nordstroms bp; boots: target (cheaper in store) 

i love testing myself in choosing between which items in my closet can be mix and matched to be made into cross- seasonal items. for example, the outfit i chose to wear to work yesterday was a darker, cold, january outfit. all i could think about during my down time at work was how i could wear each item of clothing well into spring. today, it was still somewhat chilly. however, i'm a little over excited for the spring weather and  neglected all sweaters and coats to be alone in the closet. a girl on a budget needs to make the most out of her wardrobe especially if she is one to make every single "cute" thing a purchase. items of clothing or accessories that work all year round are just about the best investments, especially  if you can find a great find with great quality.

photographs done by: the wonderful mommy! thank you for taking these pictures :) and for testing my strength to get myself into that tree!
location: my own backyard


Monday, January 17, 2011

peanut gallery

the golden globe awards had me talking out loud in front of the t.v. by myself. i then realized that i was my own little peanut gallery and wanted to share with everyone my opinions on who was best dressed, and so on and so forth. i may not be a professional, but hey, us girls have an opinion that matter! i chose several eye catchers, whether they were great, amazing, or just "okay." i then decided to leave out the ones i felt needed help.

via huffington post
emma stone in calvin klein collection  oh emma stone, beautiful new hair color.. but is it just me or does she look like she may have picked out this dress before she dyed her hair? i love the backless peach dress, and the fresh blonde hair, just not together. if she was trying to look invisible, i think she did a good job making every thing blend together. there is no contrast in color with her outfit, complexion or hair! if she had dropped her clutch on the carpet, chances are it would be long gone. i hate to be a picky meanie when it comes to watching red carpet events on t.v. but, seriously! common emma!

via huffington post

kyra sedgwick in emilio pucci
i love, love, love emilio pucci gowns. every time there's been an emilio pucci on a red carpet, i've loved it! especially a mustard yellow floor length gown. i am a huge fan of mustard yellow, and i haven't figured out how to wear it just yet. love this look on kyra sedgwick. definitely one of my favorites.
via huffington post
 kelly osbourne in zac posen
so, kelly osbourne has become more of a fashion inspiration of mine ever since i realized the dramatic changes she made after dancing with the stars. anyone can go from being looked down upon to a fashion icon by keeping their own sense of style that fits them. eva longoria also opted for a zac posen, i felt the fit and cut she chose were too typical. kelly accessorized perfectly and i love her hairstyle with this dress.

via huffington post
 natalie portman in viktor & rolf
baby bump! love the baby bump, and love the choice of dress to show off the baby bump! just wish that stem and leaf of the crimson red flower were left out. love the red with light ballet pink. perfect choice, considering win and nominations for black swan. i am dying to see it! so cute.
via huffington post
 olivia wilde in marchesa
beautiful. favorite. number one by far! my favorite, and yes... i might be somewhat biast. considering i have dark brown hair, and a similar bang haircut, i pictured myself in this dress. not only is marchesa a designer to die for, she looks absolutely elegant and magical in this gown.  she wore this dress as sexy and beautiful, i want to be her. haha.

via huffington post
ryan gosling in salvatore ferragamo
obviously ryan gosling gets my choice of best dressed male. after looking at brad pitt an johnny depp's pictures on the red carpet. my best dressed male automatically without a challenger goes to ryan gosling. i think a bow tie can either look nerdy or hot. ryan gosling gets a hot, it all fit him so well.

sandra bullock was also another favorite of mine. again, i feel as though i am being bias considering she has amazing brown hair and her haircut is all to similar to my own. maybe my bangs haircut for the new year was a good idea? watch out sandra bullock, i think you might be trying to swoop in on my style. (if, and only if.)


p.s. because of my ways of forgetting things, the blog i had planned to do for today will be postponed to tomorrow. i felt the golden globes were a topic to talk about.

p.s.s. if i had an opportunity to wear a gown within this month, this grecian one shoulder dress would be in. cache almost always has the affordable gowns, if i needed one.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

cold weather comfy

it's been a weekend of busy errands and fun. on friday i went to watch some professional bull riding, and oh my gosh it was crazy. never have i ever enjoyed dressing up like a country girl so much. before i was able to head out with the friends, i made a solo trip to some stores in search for the heels i had skipped out on last time. sad news, i have either missed out or they just have not arrived yet with the rest of the spring collection (at target, don't judge). anyways, because they didn't have what i was looking for i felt as though i could absolutely not leave the store empty handed, so i grabbed a pair of cowboy booties on clearance for only $19.99 plus tax! it's not like i was heading to a rodeo or anything like that ;) amazing deal, if i do say so myself. anyways.. i plan to work them into my daily wardrobe as best as i can. with this cold weather dragging my energy down, i opted for the cozy boyfriend cardigan, leggings, yoga cami and knee high boots (to tie it together as best i could). i decided to be very minimalist with my overall accessories, considering i was mixing two patterns :)

i am also proud to admit, i headed to a different target today in search of the chunky heel i had lost my chance on. once again, they also didn't have them in stock. so i left with a brand new pair of flats as well.

headband:claires; scarf: kohls- apt.9; camisole: downward dog yoga by juicy couture; boyfriend cardigan: kohls-daisy fuentes; legging: love culture; boots: steve madden inka in suede taupe

introducing my partner in crime: chewie

chewie was so curious to what i was up to, i decided because we matched she could be in the pictures.

thanks to my mom and her wonderful camera for taking the time and patience to take photos today!

more tomorrow on my shoe obsession at target, like i said... don't judge. cheaper stores have great finds as well!


Friday, January 14, 2011


relaxation- noun
1. abatement or relief from bodily or mental work, effort, application, etc.
2. an activity or recreation that provides such relief; diversion; entertainment

location: aptos, ca
date: january 12th, 2011
we all need our beauty sleep, and simple relaxation. i was lucky enough to take in this breath-taking view all day yesterday. the nature's beauty can inspire so much within one's sense of style and i know when it comes to going to the coast, i love to wear neutral colors and lightweight, yet cozy sweaters.

my new favorite wine glasses, no stem makes drinking wine much less nerve racking.

i love warm weather, messily cuffed jeans and glitter nail polish.
nail polish: opi "burlesque"

scarf: from some random kiosk in new york new york casino in lv, nv; tank: bp nordstroms;
sweater: juicy couture drape pullover sweater with back cowl ;
jeans: last year's "kate" jean by juicy couture, worn cuffed and more distressed than ever before

cocktail ring: costume jewlery by lia sophia "at last"

the colors of the sunset literally make me so excited for warmer weather!

location: aptos, ca
date: january 12th, 2011
i enjoyed relaxing and playing among the beach. every person that walked by had the cutest dogs, both big and small. i can't wait to go back and possibly bring my dog "chewie" mostly because i think she would not know what to do with herself with that much freedom.

during this little get-a-way, i chose to take lots of pictures, especially of the scenery and food. i wanted to purchase the cutest heels, resisted because the boy pulled me away before i could take off my boots and knee high socks tucked under my skinnies to try them on :( and i need to not only continue to relax a bit more, but run back to the store to pick up those heels! they were for sure on my want list and i haven't stopped thinking about all the stuff i could wear them with. so tomorrow, i shall go to the store.

sorry for the late night blogging! i will have another post tomorrow hopefully earlier in the day. i've got a fun friday night planned, whether i choose to wear my old  worn out boots or go back to the store to purchase those cute heels... well you'll just have to wait and see.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

beach bummed

currently i am on a mini "get-a-way" trip with the boy. the poor guy is going to have to suffer with taking some pictures because, i mean what's a better back drop for taking pictures than the pacific ocean.  as i should be enthused that i get a couple days off and am spending it at the beach, it seems as though the twilight zone is taking over and trying to bring me down. last night there was a very minimal (4.5) earthquake that just about scared me back home. this scared me mostly because now that i am old enough to realize when there is an earthquake nearby an ocean, there very well could be a tsunami. anyways, as i shake my head in how silly i am being, i am sorry to disappoint you all but i will not be able to share pictures until either thursday night or friday afternoon because of some complications with technology that i do not have any expertise in. i promise a plethora of pictures.

today, i choose to take a long walk on the beach; want to take lots of pictures; and need go to the grocery store to attempt to make a shrimp alfredo pasta, salad, and garlic bread.

promise, promise, promise pictures to come :]

everyone enjoy your day!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

awaiting spring

i may not be a huge online shopper, i much prefer to have an item at the moment i pay for it. but i do love browsing online to get ideas and inspiration without the thoughts or opinions of others. shopping online is a great way to have a clear mind on what catches your eye. we have to admit, not all friends are meant to be a shopping buddy, i know i have found myself at work being hesitant to make a purchase because fellow peers might not love a certain piece as much as i do. it's fun to make a carefree purchase because you truly love something, especially when know you absolutely will not be self-conscious with your wardrobe choice. a fun website i have come across is browsing at all the designer clothes and accessories got me thinking about trying new styles that i may have otherwise overlooked. stylefind has amazing stuff that has got me realizing it is time to create my want list.

the want list:
cargo skinnies
cropped pant
cropped sweaters
neutral flat
tan or cognac wedge
chunky heel
utility jacket
girly trench
white and navy striped top (i love the nautical look, and i am so glad it is still "in" this coming spring!)

after about a week of hearing myself continually ramble about how much i need some of the items above, i am hoping to be able to choose which ones are going to fit my budget and work well with the cross- seasonal stuff i already have. i also want to make sure i will get good use of the items i plan to purchase.

check in tomorrow to see pictures of the first purchase from "the want list."


Monday, January 10, 2011

perfect coat

every girl needs a perfect coat. by being thrifty with past coat purchases, i found my coats to get that "worn out pajama" look after few uses. i knew it was time to finally look for a coat of good quality and classic style. my need was a long- lasting warm winter coat, and i choose to go with one that would be casual enough to wear with jeans and boots or a little black dress and heels. now and of course i wanted  it to be from one of my favorite stores, juicy couture.

photographs done by my mother, she not only has a great camera but knows how to take a good picture. thanks mom :)

also, special thanks to my amazing boyfriend for the perfect coat as an early christmas present. he really knew i could not live without it.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

online obsession

i can find everything i want when it comes to clothing on , i am absolutely obsessed. looking through their sale page is definitely making it hard to choose which pieces i need to stay in style like the celebs in hollywood. it's definitely a great site to browse around and become inspired to try something new.

a fun tip: play around with this site. look at the stuff your favorite celeb is wearing, as well as exploring new designers when a certain something catches your eye! if you are unsure about spending the big bucks on a particular item, check out places like forever21 or h&m for an imitation of the piece. chances are if you wear the lower cost piece often, the investment for better quality is well worth it!


part deux

i find it hard to believe that anyone can complete a full fledged closet cleaning in one day. finding myself following the wise words of carrie in sex and the city, "i like my money right where i can see it, hanging in my closet." us college girls have to admit, we dream of the closet in the first sex and the city.(hell, i wish i had the one she cleans out in her old apartment.) being a girl that pays for my own clothing, i know i for sure have a very difficult time letting things go. being on a budget makes me want to hold on to any old clothing i have, but realistically if i hadn't worn it in more than ten months to a year, the chances of me wearing it again were very slim.

please keep in mind, i separated everything from my closet, dresser and armoire.
- "unwearable"s, this included anything with holes and stains, it all went straight in a trash bag
- 'key pieces", anything that i knew i would miss if i was left without it, refold or re-hang into a proper place
- "can't let go of"s, this included a variety of items for myself, best to have a second opinion before making any final decisions
- donation pile, i further divided this pile up into donate, hand it down, and possible re-sell items
- i found a laundry basket full of stuff that just simply needed to be sent to the dry cleaners or tailor, make sure to not get any of that mixed up with donations! i know i only send my prized possessions go to the dry cleaner or tailor, and would be devastated if they wound up thrown out.

so like i promised, here are the before pictures... and i warn you, they are tragic.

i hope this public embarrassment causes me to never leave my room like this again!

left to right: "can't let go of"s, hand it down, "unwearable"s ( yes, there is a foam finger in there), tailor/ dry cleaning

maybe my bookshelf is a new project?

not so fairy tale ending, but got me much more satisfied than i had planned to be. here are the after pictures, for the most part.
want: new hangers

need: to make a trip to a cobbler

top row: "unwearable"s, tailor/ dry cleaning
bottom row: hand it down, donation clothes, donation shoes

i placed shoes to donate in a canvas beach bag i had found in my closet. this made it a lot less stressful when it came to worrying about a bag ripping open because of a sharp heel.

choose: to make your little sister happy

i thoroughly enjoyed my sister wanting to come in, she was able to help me keep the memory of my eighth grade graduation dress alive, as well as my freshman formal dress, the light purple floral dress was all the way back from a sixth grade tea party! i can now keep the stuff close while still saving space in my closet!
overall, this project has been a great way to start off the new year. yay for 2011. my closet is ready for you :)


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Monday, January 3, 2011

the first step

today, the first official weekday of the new year. with overwhelming myself with the new year and the resolutions i plan myself for, it all comes with budgeting myself with time and money. the main reason for this blog is to not only help myself with choosing, wanting, and needing, but to help others :)

within week one, my goal is to do a closet cleanse. revamping my own wardrobe by knocking out the stuff i have held on to (not to mention, not worn) since high school. the closet organization must start by separating the non-wearables, key pieces, "can't let go of"s and the donation pile. now, this is just a first step... drafting out my plan, and i feel with the new year this is perfect timing. i literally have a pile of clothes 3 ft tall sitting in the corner of my room beside my closet, and a pile of hangers on the ground and hanging off my coat tree. enough is enough, and the closet cleanse must begin.

hopefully this will inspire you to choose to have a closet cleanse; because i mean, you do need it and then you can refill it with things you want!

before and after pics to come...