Thursday, March 24, 2011

sunday dress

this horrible weather has got me dreaming of spring non-stop. i have also come up with an endless list of wants. all bad. here's one of them. and after i try it on for size and fit, i just may be going home with it.

jackson check dress by juicy couture

warm weather and sunshine, please get here quick. this rain is really putting a damper on my good mood!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rainy day tunes

music and style go hand in hand. i definitely feel like i dress my mood, as anyone else should. with your mood comes your preference of music choice as well as your choice in clothing. here are some songs that make a rainy day better. a play list of some over popular, and under played songs. this is play list songs that would be a perfect mix for myself to listen to on those rainy days. keep in mind, this is no particular order, just the order it popped into my head.

Adele- Rolling in the Deep

Kanye West- Runaway (a great song that makes me feel like i am venting my life as a whole)

The Cataracs feat. DEV- Top of the World (viewer/ listener's discretion)... more party music later, basically dev and the cataracs make my life :)

Brad Paisley- I'm Still a Guy (only because it's a country song every "guy" can appreciate, even if he doesn't like country music)

Brett Dennen- Ain't No Reason

Pete Murrary- Opportunity

The Beautiful Girls- La Mar

Florence and the Machine- The Dog Days are Over

as of right now.. i do have to say, i like being unpredictable. the songs i chose are still not enough to describe everything i am feeling and going through in life. just a beginning, a new one.


p.s. i wish i had video links with captions to all the songs!

Monday, March 21, 2011

well needed

i basically have the best mother in the world. i love quality time with family and friends, and when it comes to a trip to the nail salon, no one can be a better date than my mommy. we chose to go on a great morning walk, as well as doing some easy stretches and workouts all while the sun was still shining. the hail and rain hit us pretty hard today as we proceeded on with our day. no matter rain or shine, we wanted our starbucks and, oh my it was amazing. we headed out to brookside nails in our matching juicy velour track pants. i don't care how cheesy one may think we are, mother- daughter quality time is well needed.
my beautiful mama- tank: jockey at kohls, hoodie and pant: juicy couture velour tacksuit in black
me- tank: basically juicy by juicy couture, off the shoulder top: american eagle (NEW!), pants: juicy couture velour in black, headband: claires
my newest purchase of sunglasses: "romance" by juicy couture
perfect for hiding freshly waxed eyebrows.

overall, today was well needed. this past weekend was fun filled and relaxing, even with work conflicting my schedule. i was able to eat more sushi than i ever thought i could handle, as well as topping the weekend off with my favorite candy, milkduds and in and out burger for dinner. (yes, with a neapolitan shake.) definitely treated myself all weekend with things i want, yet tomorrow i focus on the needs. oil change and target, here i come.

also, looking forward to a hair color change. we'll see if i go for a dramatic change or something that will be hardly noticeable.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

better than green beer

everyone who knows me, knows i am not a huge fan of produce. the slightest unexpected piece of lettuce in my food can easily make me gag. however, a good green salad can still bring a smile to my face. i am thoroughly obsessed with recipe ideas right now, and want to make the time to make everything. green food is slowly growing on me, and eating healthy is an attractive idea.

at first i was on a hunt for cute st. patty's clothes, but then i thought of all the great food that has some st. patty's day inspiration. choose to enjoy these simple recipes, i too hope to try them all sometime soon.

coconut lime crusted fish
thanks to

corned beef, of course.
thanks to

charolette tolhurst's egg sandwich
thanks to

chocolate covered kiwi, perfect dessert.
thanks to

green onion and goat cheese mini muffins.
thanks to

tuna and avacadobbq kabobs.
thanks to

zucchini walnut bread.
thanks to
 so excited to eat, drink and celebrate with friends today. everyone needs some random celebration in their lives. began last night with close friends and can't wait to continue on today.


p.s. happy st. patrick's day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

late night inspirations

here is some inspiring pictures of outfits i would love to imitate with my own twist of style.
all pictures via

want: a full skirt

need: a large bag and sunglasses

want: this great top, a crossbody bag, and these white frame glasses!

choose a skirt that shows off the feature you love the most about yourself.
i choose my legs :p

want: a sheer button up, need: these olive green skinnies
spring shopping is financially approaching a little later than normal for myself. i am so excited to find amazing basics like the majority of the pieces shown above. my advice to myself and others is to print out photos or cut them out of magazines, and keep them in a close and accessible place. oh how i can't wait to mix new pieces with the old.

Monday, March 14, 2011

sail me away

as most who know me, i am beginning to share my love of the water and a nautical style more than ever. although, i feel my best in a casual comfortable outfit that looks good with or without any shoe. i love to be barefoot, and i also love dressing an outfit up with a cute wedge. even though i am still on the lookout for a perfect wedge or summer heel to go with my boyfriend jeans, i decided to photograph this outfit anyways. oh, how i want new summer shoes! there's nothing more classic than a pearl necklace, v neck sweater, and a pair of jeans. it takes me to a level of comfort that a little black dress just can't do.

hoping that this sailboat will create more memories with this upcoming summer than the last. families need to take the time to be a family, and choose to leave busy life aside everyonce a while to enjoy some quality time.

sweater: abercrombie and fitch, pearls: from my loving grandma, jeans: juicy couture
all of this stuff was dug up out of the closet and jewelry box.
my mom likes to take candid pictures, but they make me feel awkward and giggly.
p.s. enjoy my smurf blue nail polish and bad angle.
a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is meaningless unless you know what's going on in the photographer's mind.

deepest love,

Friday, March 11, 2011

california confidence

with the tragic news of japan's earthquake and tsunami, it was a morning of concern, sympathy and gratefulness. i sat watching the news worried about what would happen to the california coast line, as well as how it would affect my own backyard. i then realized how grateful i am that the tsunami and earthquake have not hurt or damaged anything close to home. my heart goes out to all of those in japan, as well as those who have yet to hear from their loved ones located in japan.

today, i chose to dig up some old clothes, go outside with the pup to absorb some of that good ol' vitamin d, and of course enjoy a starbucks with my wonderful mother. i need to finish up some homework, as well as pack up my clothes for my girl's weekend. and most of all i want a new pair of jeans, cognac sandals (yes, still!), light pink cropped blazer, and a white linen dress. anything to bring spring into my life, my arms are wide open for the warm sunshine.

sweater: american eagle (way old, winter season), belt: hollister (from like 2004 or 2005),
shorts: abercrombie & fitch, boots: target
i talked with a very close friend of mine about how all we feel like all the stuff we wore in high school and freshman year of college is not up to par with our "more mature" style. being a california girl, my favorite stores back in that day and age were american eagle, abercrombie, and hollister. now a days, i may not choose them as my "go to" stores, but they definitely do have stuff that can transition from teenie bopper to young lady (with a little bit of edge and class.)

anyways, second half of the photos i took today will be coming sometime this weekend!


p.s. photos taken by my fantastic mother...thanks mommy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

bold and beautiful

a bright bold colored dress can easily lighten up any one's mood. maybe this weekend, i'll step outside the box and go for a dress similar to this one. bold, sexy and strong enough to make an impact on any one's mood.
 dress by lanvin
keeping it short and sweet today. what shoes would you wear with this dress? black strappy platform pump? a metallic sandal? i want to know, what would you choose. us girls need to feel "drop dead gorgeous."


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

comfort and bliss

lately i have been out on my own mental vacation. i have resorted to dedicating my life to being completely busy and wrapped up in everything besides the worries in my life. a mental escape is all that one really needs when things are really weighing down heavy on his or her shoulders. i've been able to take my free time to focus on exerting my energy into the positive.  i'm not gandhi, and i definitely am not one to be advising everyone on how to achieve pure and utter bliss; however, i do feel that quality time with the ones you love and or are getting to know for the first time can definitely get you closer to bliss than any material thing could.

i escaped to capitola, ca with a friend of mine and was able to feel disconnected from all that has been weighing down on me. for someone to understand my choosing to just want to get away and feel free for once, was new and refreshing for me. i thank that person for doing that for me.

capitola, ca
march 5th, 2011
via camera phone
the amazing "mexi burger" from betty's burgers in downtown capitola.  no produce, sub regular beef for ground turkey :)
that way i am somewhat healthy, since i wanted the sweet potato fries.
via camera phone
i have been neglecting choose,want & need for too long, and i am making a promise to myself that i will not be forgetting to do what i love.

here are some lovely pictures of inspiration that give me comfort and bring a smile to my face.

a bedroom for serenity.
via pintrest

to be so prim and proper, then at the end of the day, all i want to do is this.
via pintrest

enjoying some milk and cookies, and not caring if you make a mess.
via pintrest

blissfully yours and wishing the best,