Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dress for twenty two

<>pretty sure i just found my birthday dress. my last year's dress looks very similar to this one, but in a neon orange highlighter color.

other options include the ones below. more so based on the fact i do not have any concrete plans. anyone have any ideas? good night life in sacramento? please let me know. i am ready for something new. i only turn twenty two once.

New Look

New Look - from H&M

Products in this look:


New Look

New Look - from H&M

Products in this look:


now i need to choose  between a low key birthday or a big bash celebration. of course it does not matter to me either way as long as everyone i love is there, that is all i truly want.

p.s. what shoes or accessories would you all pair with these outfits? would you keep it simple, or accessorize like crazy? what are some fun hair ideas? all ideas to come.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

breaking it up

i'm not a huge fan of belts. i love them on other people, but find myself being very picky when it comes to adding one to an outfit of my own. when i dug out this belt from my closet before, i decided to keep it out in plain sight to make sure i would make myself wear it again differently. belting a maxi dress with my own belt, made me feel better in a sense that i could place the belt where it made me feel most comfortable. before i used to be much more hesitant in purchasing any outfit that was "pre-belted." dresses that come with a belt attached do not always hit our greatest point and can definitely make an outfit not very flattering.  i also am not a fan of mixing brown and black, but hey.. why not step out of the comfort zone every once in awhile?

maxi dress from target($14)/ belt from hollister
photography done by adam chandler, thanks adam!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

crazy print crop top

i love crazy prints, crop tops and neutral colors. a main reason for the purchase of this top. a higher waisted pant is a perfect way for those who might be afraid of the crop top to make the first step to wearing it confidently. another way is to layer it with a solid tank or cami under neath. with this outfit i choose to spend more on the top i wanted, and spent much less on the basic skinnies i need and love.

i got to work on this test shoot (last minute) yesterday with my photographer friend, adam chandler. he's a great photographer and i appreciate his patience with me (being that i am not a model). i can't wait to work with him again on a day that the weather wants to work with my hair. hope you enjoy the outfit! a remix is predicted in the future as it gets warmer.

top: h.i.p. woven tee from nordstroms bp ($28)/ skinnies: from forever21 ($10.50)/ bangle: from h&m ($3.50)/
flats: merona from target ($20)
 this was merely our first shoot, and i hope to work with adam much more in the near future.

location: carmichael, ca
photographed by adam chandler


Thursday, April 14, 2011

typical cali girl beauty

sometimes we think of the stereotypical "cali girl" of having perfect sun kissed blonde hair, tan skin, white teeth, perfect body, etc., etc. this can make any girl a bit angry and bitter on the inside. i notice so much diversity here on the csu sacramento campus, and oh, how i love it. however, i also notice so many girls going for the typical look as summer approaches. but how do we find time for keeping up with all these standards?

making time to shower and do my hair is already something i have to pencil into my schedule. i know when i wake up that if i don't drag myself to the gym first thing, i will find myself in sweats until the very hour before i have to head off to work. luckily, as students of csu sacramento, us college girls are blessed with a free gym membership (if free is tuition). college girls are constantly on a budget of balancing their wants and needs. one criteria of beauty for myself that i have been trying to meet, is that i have been trying to find the time to tan at a low price. a healthy glow is a faux glow, which usually costs more money. so before i go on a whole other tangent on why i feel more beautiful with a sun kissed look, i do just want to make the point that fitting all this beauty into a time constraint and a tighter budget is not completely unrealistic. taking the time to compare prices, prioritizing our spending and

at a solid 17 units this spring semester, a job and the need for a social life, how am i supposed to make time for all of the extracurricular activities in life to make me "beautiful"? time management and budgeting my money is the only way. beauty is pain, a common quote. i have a love/hate relationship with my busy schedule, yet it keeps me feeling beautiful. i am constantly making time and prioritizing my schedule based on beauty, schoolwork, work and life experiences. now i realize many jaws most likely are dropped at this point. one may be thinking, "whatever happened to the 'beauty within?"

i'm a firm believer in beauty coming from confidence. it makes perfect sense. my way of gaining confidence within myself is by not only sticking to my moral values and working my hardest, but looking good can only embellish on the "feel good." working out, tanning, and getting my hair or nails done makes me feel good, they are things i want. so people out there, feel free to judge. i choose my own lifestyle and have my own wants, as well as needs to have great confidence.


p.s. a great thing to be in life, is to be yourself.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this hair color that is hot right now. i am so in love and am aiming to have hair as beautiful as this by the end of may. hopefully all goes well!

realistically, i would like to keep my bangs. so the first picture strongly represents my hair color that i am hoping to reach. the second picture represents how much volume in hair i have. haha. and the third picture was a good representation of the cut and style i tend to go for.

i hope everyone is having a lovely day. choose to enjoy the sunshine, want to be there for others, and need to prepare yourself for the worst.


Monday, April 11, 2011

pampering with beauty

quick tid bit of information for all you girls in the local area of sacramento, ca.
i asked several of my coworkers yesterday for last minute places to get my hair cut, colored, and styled. i had a business meeting today and wanted to look a bit refreshed. after purchasing a large amount of crucial and beautiful makeup from bare escentuals, i decided a new "do" was also in need. as a young, busy, working woman... as well as a student, it is always good to treat yourself in smart way. looking put together is very important, especially for a first impression in the business world.

bare escentuals has great makeup that lasts longer than most department store makeup. the investment in a higher ticket price is well worth it when your makeup can last 3x longer. plus, how could any girl resist any of the adorable colors and product in that store. i found myself consistently humming along to the music as i got the royal treatment. a great brand!

after calling several different places for a last minute appointment for today, i got in at spanish fly hair garage. i was excited simply because of the quirky name. i was recommended by a coworker to ask for her lady, and she just happened to be unavailable. i got set up with jenae and she was absolutely lovely. not only did i love the ambiance of the entire salon, it was low key and felt very luxurious at the same time. i felt bad for putting the pressure on jenae, since i was on a bit of a time crunch. jenae definitely pulled through and i would reccommend her to all my gal pals, or any guys out there looking for a cut. overall, i loved my experience there and even though i had two hurtful inches of dead ends to cut off, i love the cut and color of my hair. jenae even took the time to quickly teach me how to do beach waves with the curling iron as she was being rushed to do it. like them on facebook to follow along for upcoming events, and let them know alyssa from choosewant&need sent you over there :)


p.s. for those who are awaiting the fashion forward business dress blog, it is coming.. soon. i promise. waiting for a time to shoot with an amazing photographer from sac state.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

take time to smell the flowers

so even with my jam packed schedule, i had such an amazing night last night. being motivated and inspired is not only something i choose to be, it is something we all need. i went to the American Marketing Association Round Table Event at sac state, and met some of the most inspiring and motivating people i have ever met. besides wanting to be more involved in my marketing major, i am realizing we all need to find the passion within the careers we are looking for. there are so many people i want to thank for helping open doors to opportunities that await for me.
i found many commonalities with my friend chelsie at the event. it's so neat to find a common ground of motivation and want for a career in a field we are passionate about. chelsie and her mother make beautiful flower arrangements for weddings and have opened my eyes to a lost hobby of mine i would love to take up. check out and follow chelsie's blog here: jackie's flowers

i am choosing to focus on school and career opportunities this week.
i need to borrow my mother's camera to take some great picture's of different styles i have seen lately.
i want to get a camera like my mother's and conquer the world. no big deal.


Monday, April 4, 2011

neglecting, yet inspiring

i have now neglected choosewant&need more days than not :(
with my busy schedule and a new changes in my life, i have been unable to figure out the best way possible to fit blogging into my schedule. it also does not help that i have a whole bunch of a lotta midterms, essays and projects due this last week and the week approaching. besides all the excuses, i am going to keep being inspired by the little things in life and continue taking mental notes on the future blogs to come. i would much rather give you all a fully dedicated blog than one that was not whole- hearted.

my pintrest has been keeping me inspired. here are some amazing pictures that have kept me wanting to rearrange, redecorate, and pack up for travel.

i love this cozy knit look.

love the framed pictures, love the centerpiece on this table, love the light.

if i could have my very own laundry room, it would look like this.

love the mix and match print, the flowers, the lights and love the framed pictures once again!

now for travel, will summer please get here so i escape reality.

city red

nautical stripes

cali shorts and blazer

ruffle top, cardi and flared jeans. bold choice for me, but i love it.
summer is coming soon. i keep telling myself all i want is to pause and fast forward time at the same time.