Thursday, April 21, 2011

breaking it up

i'm not a huge fan of belts. i love them on other people, but find myself being very picky when it comes to adding one to an outfit of my own. when i dug out this belt from my closet before, i decided to keep it out in plain sight to make sure i would make myself wear it again differently. belting a maxi dress with my own belt, made me feel better in a sense that i could place the belt where it made me feel most comfortable. before i used to be much more hesitant in purchasing any outfit that was "pre-belted." dresses that come with a belt attached do not always hit our greatest point and can definitely make an outfit not very flattering.  i also am not a fan of mixing brown and black, but hey.. why not step out of the comfort zone every once in awhile?

maxi dress from target($14)/ belt from hollister
photography done by adam chandler, thanks adam!



  1. Hello! It's Michelle. I love reading your blog. It is great to see the difference between our freshmen year of college and now. You have matured incredibly, I think we all have, and keep up the good work. It is an enjoyable read.

  2. thanks michelle! i can't wait to see you again. we definitely have grown up quite a bit since freshman year. feel free to share with your girls out in colorado :)