Thursday, April 14, 2011

typical cali girl beauty

sometimes we think of the stereotypical "cali girl" of having perfect sun kissed blonde hair, tan skin, white teeth, perfect body, etc., etc. this can make any girl a bit angry and bitter on the inside. i notice so much diversity here on the csu sacramento campus, and oh, how i love it. however, i also notice so many girls going for the typical look as summer approaches. but how do we find time for keeping up with all these standards?

making time to shower and do my hair is already something i have to pencil into my schedule. i know when i wake up that if i don't drag myself to the gym first thing, i will find myself in sweats until the very hour before i have to head off to work. luckily, as students of csu sacramento, us college girls are blessed with a free gym membership (if free is tuition). college girls are constantly on a budget of balancing their wants and needs. one criteria of beauty for myself that i have been trying to meet, is that i have been trying to find the time to tan at a low price. a healthy glow is a faux glow, which usually costs more money. so before i go on a whole other tangent on why i feel more beautiful with a sun kissed look, i do just want to make the point that fitting all this beauty into a time constraint and a tighter budget is not completely unrealistic. taking the time to compare prices, prioritizing our spending and

at a solid 17 units this spring semester, a job and the need for a social life, how am i supposed to make time for all of the extracurricular activities in life to make me "beautiful"? time management and budgeting my money is the only way. beauty is pain, a common quote. i have a love/hate relationship with my busy schedule, yet it keeps me feeling beautiful. i am constantly making time and prioritizing my schedule based on beauty, schoolwork, work and life experiences. now i realize many jaws most likely are dropped at this point. one may be thinking, "whatever happened to the 'beauty within?"

i'm a firm believer in beauty coming from confidence. it makes perfect sense. my way of gaining confidence within myself is by not only sticking to my moral values and working my hardest, but looking good can only embellish on the "feel good." working out, tanning, and getting my hair or nails done makes me feel good, they are things i want. so people out there, feel free to judge. i choose my own lifestyle and have my own wants, as well as needs to have great confidence.


p.s. a great thing to be in life, is to be yourself.

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