Thursday, April 7, 2011

take time to smell the flowers

so even with my jam packed schedule, i had such an amazing night last night. being motivated and inspired is not only something i choose to be, it is something we all need. i went to the American Marketing Association Round Table Event at sac state, and met some of the most inspiring and motivating people i have ever met. besides wanting to be more involved in my marketing major, i am realizing we all need to find the passion within the careers we are looking for. there are so many people i want to thank for helping open doors to opportunities that await for me.
i found many commonalities with my friend chelsie at the event. it's so neat to find a common ground of motivation and want for a career in a field we are passionate about. chelsie and her mother make beautiful flower arrangements for weddings and have opened my eyes to a lost hobby of mine i would love to take up. check out and follow chelsie's blog here: jackie's flowers

i am choosing to focus on school and career opportunities this week.
i need to borrow my mother's camera to take some great picture's of different styles i have seen lately.
i want to get a camera like my mother's and conquer the world. no big deal.



  1. VERY nicely written, Alyssa. I'm going to post this on my Facebook wall and tweet it.
    Your insight is sharp, yet simple... Poignant, yet accessible. It looks like the event Wednesday was a success for you! I'm also following your blog now.

  2. thank you tony! more to come through the weekend. thank you for following and sharing. and most of all please enjoy!

  3. Alyssa, this is really nice! I couldn't agree with you more about the roundtable event, it was great. I finally figured how to follow so now I can see all the beautiful clothes you are blogging about:) And noting on the camera comment...I WANT ONE TOO! Thanks again so much for the shout out it is much appreciated and I will make sure to do the same. Thank you to you too Tony and it was a joy meeting you. Thank you both for all the inspiration!