Monday, April 4, 2011

neglecting, yet inspiring

i have now neglected choosewant&need more days than not :(
with my busy schedule and a new changes in my life, i have been unable to figure out the best way possible to fit blogging into my schedule. it also does not help that i have a whole bunch of a lotta midterms, essays and projects due this last week and the week approaching. besides all the excuses, i am going to keep being inspired by the little things in life and continue taking mental notes on the future blogs to come. i would much rather give you all a fully dedicated blog than one that was not whole- hearted.

my pintrest has been keeping me inspired. here are some amazing pictures that have kept me wanting to rearrange, redecorate, and pack up for travel.

i love this cozy knit look.

love the framed pictures, love the centerpiece on this table, love the light.

if i could have my very own laundry room, it would look like this.

love the mix and match print, the flowers, the lights and love the framed pictures once again!

now for travel, will summer please get here so i escape reality.

city red

nautical stripes

cali shorts and blazer

ruffle top, cardi and flared jeans. bold choice for me, but i love it.
summer is coming soon. i keep telling myself all i want is to pause and fast forward time at the same time.


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