Tuesday, March 8, 2011

comfort and bliss

lately i have been out on my own mental vacation. i have resorted to dedicating my life to being completely busy and wrapped up in everything besides the worries in my life. a mental escape is all that one really needs when things are really weighing down heavy on his or her shoulders. i've been able to take my free time to focus on exerting my energy into the positive.  i'm not gandhi, and i definitely am not one to be advising everyone on how to achieve pure and utter bliss; however, i do feel that quality time with the ones you love and or are getting to know for the first time can definitely get you closer to bliss than any material thing could.

i escaped to capitola, ca with a friend of mine and was able to feel disconnected from all that has been weighing down on me. for someone to understand my choosing to just want to get away and feel free for once, was new and refreshing for me. i thank that person for doing that for me.

capitola, ca
march 5th, 2011
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the amazing "mexi burger" from betty's burgers in downtown capitola.  no produce, sub regular beef for ground turkey :)
that way i am somewhat healthy, since i wanted the sweet potato fries.
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i have been neglecting choose,want & need for too long, and i am making a promise to myself that i will not be forgetting to do what i love.

here are some lovely pictures of inspiration that give me comfort and bring a smile to my face.

a bedroom for serenity.
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to be so prim and proper, then at the end of the day, all i want to do is this.
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enjoying some milk and cookies, and not caring if you make a mess.
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blissfully yours and wishing the best,

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