Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rainy day tunes

music and style go hand in hand. i definitely feel like i dress my mood, as anyone else should. with your mood comes your preference of music choice as well as your choice in clothing. here are some songs that make a rainy day better. a play list of some over popular, and under played songs. this is play list songs that would be a perfect mix for myself to listen to on those rainy days. keep in mind, this is no particular order, just the order it popped into my head.

Adele- Rolling in the Deep

Kanye West- Runaway (a great song that makes me feel like i am venting my life as a whole)

The Cataracs feat. DEV- Top of the World (viewer/ listener's discretion)... more party music later, basically dev and the cataracs make my life :)

Brad Paisley- I'm Still a Guy (only because it's a country song every "guy" can appreciate, even if he doesn't like country music)

Brett Dennen- Ain't No Reason

Pete Murrary- Opportunity

The Beautiful Girls- La Mar

Florence and the Machine- The Dog Days are Over

as of right now.. i do have to say, i like being unpredictable. the songs i chose are still not enough to describe everything i am feeling and going through in life. just a beginning, a new one.


p.s. i wish i had video links with captions to all the songs!

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