Thursday, March 17, 2011

better than green beer

everyone who knows me, knows i am not a huge fan of produce. the slightest unexpected piece of lettuce in my food can easily make me gag. however, a good green salad can still bring a smile to my face. i am thoroughly obsessed with recipe ideas right now, and want to make the time to make everything. green food is slowly growing on me, and eating healthy is an attractive idea.

at first i was on a hunt for cute st. patty's clothes, but then i thought of all the great food that has some st. patty's day inspiration. choose to enjoy these simple recipes, i too hope to try them all sometime soon.

coconut lime crusted fish
thanks to

corned beef, of course.
thanks to

charolette tolhurst's egg sandwich
thanks to

chocolate covered kiwi, perfect dessert.
thanks to

green onion and goat cheese mini muffins.
thanks to

tuna and avacadobbq kabobs.
thanks to

zucchini walnut bread.
thanks to
 so excited to eat, drink and celebrate with friends today. everyone needs some random celebration in their lives. began last night with close friends and can't wait to continue on today.


p.s. happy st. patrick's day!

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