Monday, March 21, 2011

well needed

i basically have the best mother in the world. i love quality time with family and friends, and when it comes to a trip to the nail salon, no one can be a better date than my mommy. we chose to go on a great morning walk, as well as doing some easy stretches and workouts all while the sun was still shining. the hail and rain hit us pretty hard today as we proceeded on with our day. no matter rain or shine, we wanted our starbucks and, oh my it was amazing. we headed out to brookside nails in our matching juicy velour track pants. i don't care how cheesy one may think we are, mother- daughter quality time is well needed.
my beautiful mama- tank: jockey at kohls, hoodie and pant: juicy couture velour tacksuit in black
me- tank: basically juicy by juicy couture, off the shoulder top: american eagle (NEW!), pants: juicy couture velour in black, headband: claires
my newest purchase of sunglasses: "romance" by juicy couture
perfect for hiding freshly waxed eyebrows.

overall, today was well needed. this past weekend was fun filled and relaxing, even with work conflicting my schedule. i was able to eat more sushi than i ever thought i could handle, as well as topping the weekend off with my favorite candy, milkduds and in and out burger for dinner. (yes, with a neapolitan shake.) definitely treated myself all weekend with things i want, yet tomorrow i focus on the needs. oil change and target, here i come.

also, looking forward to a hair color change. we'll see if i go for a dramatic change or something that will be hardly noticeable.


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