Friday, March 11, 2011

california confidence

with the tragic news of japan's earthquake and tsunami, it was a morning of concern, sympathy and gratefulness. i sat watching the news worried about what would happen to the california coast line, as well as how it would affect my own backyard. i then realized how grateful i am that the tsunami and earthquake have not hurt or damaged anything close to home. my heart goes out to all of those in japan, as well as those who have yet to hear from their loved ones located in japan.

today, i chose to dig up some old clothes, go outside with the pup to absorb some of that good ol' vitamin d, and of course enjoy a starbucks with my wonderful mother. i need to finish up some homework, as well as pack up my clothes for my girl's weekend. and most of all i want a new pair of jeans, cognac sandals (yes, still!), light pink cropped blazer, and a white linen dress. anything to bring spring into my life, my arms are wide open for the warm sunshine.

sweater: american eagle (way old, winter season), belt: hollister (from like 2004 or 2005),
shorts: abercrombie & fitch, boots: target
i talked with a very close friend of mine about how all we feel like all the stuff we wore in high school and freshman year of college is not up to par with our "more mature" style. being a california girl, my favorite stores back in that day and age were american eagle, abercrombie, and hollister. now a days, i may not choose them as my "go to" stores, but they definitely do have stuff that can transition from teenie bopper to young lady (with a little bit of edge and class.)

anyways, second half of the photos i took today will be coming sometime this weekend!


p.s. photos taken by my fantastic mother...thanks mommy!

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