Thursday, February 24, 2011

choosing to be fit

i have decided to focus my time and energy on myself lately. fitness is becoming more apart of my life than it has been ever in a very long time. even back in high school, i kept myself active with cheerleading and volleyball but i had never been to a gym. i think choosing to care about your health and getting fit is one of the biggest rewards anyone can do for their own body.  your body needs it more than one may think.

now, i know this is supposed to be a "fashion" and "style" blog for those girls like me who are on a budget, however, i feel there is a strong correlation between fashion and the fitness world. confidence comes with how you feel about yourself, as well as how you look. before, i use to dream of wearing certain things and knew they were not worth trying on because they were not the right fit for my body type. after several months of working out and focusing on my own health, i have noticed myself making different choices in clothing that before i would have never laid eyes on.

one more positive thing about choosing to work out more and being cautious of the food we eat, is being able to get that body we want and have strive for, as well as being able to to fulfill the needs of staying healthy.  plus, the more time i have spent in the gym, the less time i have to spend on spending money.

this website is free, and a great way to keep track of calories and your calorie burning exercises.
i have the free app on my smart phone, great tool when i am working out :)


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