Thursday, February 10, 2011

be mine

i am overly excited for valentine's day. i love being in love, and i absolutely adore over indulging myself. whether or not you are single or taken, valentine's day should be celebrated at it's fullest. i mean why not have an excuse to show your love for your significant other, as well as yourself. this coming weekend, i am choosing to pamper myself, wanting to do a diy project, and needing to manage my time a bit better, so i can do what i want.

here's some pictures of inspiration for this coming valentines day.

all pictures from pinterest.

more on valentine's day ideas coming through the weekend. hopefully i will make some time to do some inspiring diy projects! also, so excited my gift for my boyfriend for valentine's day has already arrived... now just to wrap it all up.

with the best of love,

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