Sunday, February 20, 2011

i want

it has come time to make a want list. it really is getting out of hand. i want too many things. i am going to just list all of the things i want at this moment of time. i am going to sound like a spoiled little brat that just always says "but daddy, i want, i want, i want..." and i do not at all want to be that girl. so here is my list, and follow it, i will be putting a list of my current needs (i.e. things i feel weird living without). then my job throughout this week is to narrow down this want list by choosing the things i could actually use and afford on my  want list.

the want list:
- concert tickets: glee, kenny chesney, josh turner, josh thompson, brad paisley, justin bieber, taylor swift ( yes, i am a total chick.)
- nike free women's running shoe, black and hot pink.. so cute.
- nude colored platform sandals... like a wedge, but fat :) michale kors and juicy couture have so many cute ones right now.. the cognac color is also beautiful!
- a floppy hat.. preferably straw
- a new bathing suit
- a nautical maxi dress
- cute big tote, almost passable for a beach bag, but small enough to use as a book bag or purse!
- and most of all a pair of sunglasses, i am so picky and i feel like nothing can fit my face accurately.

the need list will be prepared by tomorrow. i would love to hear what everyone else's "want"s are right now, so let me know :)


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