Tuesday, February 1, 2011

prepared remix

besides being so excited for february, i have to say i am already looking forward to march and more sunshine.this foggy weather really needs to stop. i dread of having to hide frizziness with a thick headband or hat. however, those two things are great tricks when wanting to look cute when in need of hiding those crazy frizzies in humid or wet weather. anyways, today i chose to come to school extra early happy that i came extra prepared. being a girl made me realize carrying your whole life around for the day is kind of a "not so fun" thing. so i've become inspired to look more into travel size stuff, as well as a better tote i can keep in my car full of the necessary emergency items a girl needs. i'll leave the details out for now and save it for a future blog. the new semester has me wanting to be more prepared and "on top of it" but in a stylish way. keeping extra accessories such as my headband (shown below) and a lightweight scarf is perfect for days like today. i've also found layering on a scarf in this weather is the perfect thing for when the wind picked up, or when i accidentally dribbled some food on my sweater. go me!

the other great thing about being prepared today, karma got the best of me and the sun came out to play!

headband:bp nordstroms; tank: bp nordstroms; sweater: drape pullover sweater with back cowl by juicy couture; jeans: last year's "kate" jeans by juicy couture (definitely ripped at the knee, and not worn fitted);
clogs: american eagle outfitters (several years old)

i followed my own advice of bringing out an old item of clothing, and remixed my sweater and jeans in the simplest way. i brought out the old clogs and resorted to wearing my headband to hide the curly fly away hairs. a lazy remix at most, but i can't help but adore this sweater and my comfy jeans. i really want to keep my "kate" juicy couture jeans around, no matter how stretched out they are. i think next time i need to wear them as a "boyfriend jean," but we will see how that works out.

the one thing i definitely was unprepared for was a dead battery on my camera, tgfi... haha (thank goodness for iphones.) oh and yes, patient boyfriends.

with love for february,

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