Monday, February 21, 2011

the needs

after all day yesterday, i realized i was having such a hard time coming up with my true "needs" in life. no one person can say they want nothing else in life, and that they truly are satisfied with everything they have. choosing between the wants and needs made me realize how important it is to make myself step back every once in awhile to reevaluate the things you may want  but can definitely live without.

the needs:
- a haircut.. it's been well over two months.
-face moisturizer.. i've come to the point where i have dug up all of my sample face lotions, and now those too are all empty. yet, i still hold on to all the empty bottles with the hope of maybe just a dollop of lotion will escape the emptiness of the dried out half of a travel size bottle.
- sunglasses.. this is when i start thinking to myself about whether or not i am actually making a needs list.
- manicure & pedicure.. i like my feet healthy, clean and cute... so this is where i stop, because  i can give myself a perfectly fine mani and pedi.

overall, it was a good last two days. just like every other working college girl, i am just waiting for the next check so i can prepare my own budget for treating myself as well as taking care of my needs.


p.s. sorry for the boring "no picture" posts... pictures to come once the lousy weather and busy schedule go away.

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