Wednesday, February 16, 2011

interested in pintrest

my new found love.. i was recently asked what inspires my style, and many mental images appeared. browsing the pages of magazines, fashion documentaries, or even old books of the history of fashion. there are so many things that inspire me on a daily basis, it actually bothers me to not have a direct answer to that question. the beautiful, the ugly, the interesting, anything that captures my eye really does inspire me. and whether its my style or just simply something that gets the wheels turning in my head, i love the idea of a website that can help me organize my inspirations.

pintrest is a place for people to share their photos, as well as browse through the infinite "pins" and albums of others. whether you're a photographer, blogger, or just someone who enjoys a good photograph or two.. pintrest gives you the opportunity to share and organize those photos without the hassle of using all the memory on your computer. the nice thing about this website is that it is almost "exclusive", instead of over populating their site, they want to keep the quality they have a reputation for. anyone is free to browse the site, however to make your own account you must request an invite. this can take anywhere from a day to a couple weeks to get a response. i was lucky enough to have a friend invite me immediately. so please keep in touch with me if you would like an invite. i will be slowly organizing my photos on there as time goes on.

i would also love to share one of my best friends, melissa rose photography. here are her two most prized possessions, and my two all time favorite pictures from her collection of new photos. in spirit of february and her new beautiful baby girl. please "like" her page on facebook, click here!

brandon, the flirt

madison rose, born february 4th, 2011
and i'm already loving her style!

choose to enjoy life at a slower pace, need more down time to enjoy life, and want a new camera, so i can practice with my photography skills.


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