Tuesday, February 8, 2011

five too many days

i apologize for neglecting everyone! i feel like i have been slacking way too hard on way too many things, yet at the same time i feel like i may be just "burning the candle at both ends." i really hate that saying; but considering the fact that my dentist told me that exact quote and it was like the third time i had heard it this week, i decided to maybe take it more to heart. sharing my clothes and style, and fun findings with all of you is a pleasure of mine. i thoroughly enjoy sitting down and writing about what i have noticed or discovered in the wonderful world when it comes to style. 

this windy weather really has me loving my grey scarf that i bought from some random kiosk in las vegas. i'm obsessed with infinity scarves and this is the next best thing i own, in which i can imitate that look. so here's to choosing to step back, because we all need to do the things in life that we want, because it makes us happy. 

i'm happy for the sunshine the previous last couple days has offered us, now i must take more advantage of it!

tunic: juicy couture printed tunic / leggings: forever21/ riding boots: target/ scarf: random kiosk in las vegas/ lipstick: bare escentuals "italian ice"

mommy cropped my toes off! at least she's learning!
i promise to never neglect any of my followers for more than three days, five was way too many. i love you all and thank you for checking in. more to come tomorrow, or so i hope :)


p.s. on days you feel like you are missing that "kick" or "oomph" in your outfit, wear red lipstick.. it makes me feel so much better. and i don't care if boys say they don't like it, (mostly because mine does!)

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