Thursday, February 17, 2011

if it glitters it must be...

gold? silver? platinum? yes... platinum. continuously i am looking for styles that are timeless, luxurious and well of course... beautiful. i have discovered this consists of all of the above.

of course i watch e!'s fashion police, oh how i love guliana rancic, joan rivers and kelly osbourne. (the guy on there is pretty cool too) anyways, kelly osbourne had slyly mentioned how she had seen the dress rhianna wore to the grammy's on so immediately, i had to see if there really was such a miraculous thing. not only does this site capture my full attention and interest, it has a platinum level of advice. it definitely is hard to not feel like a vip with advice that the stars follow. has an infinite amount of inspiration and advice, unlike a magazine.  however, i do like a magazine because having a hard copy of an article or picture that inspires you lasts a lifetime.

so prepare yourself, and browse like crazy. there's beauty advice as well!

choose to explore what interests you, want to strive for success, and need to not always believe that if it "glitters" it must be gold.


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