Tuesday, February 15, 2011

brings a smile to my face

this weekend was jam packed with a busy schedule of work, as well as many highs and lows. as valentine's day approached, i want to admit working in retail (where many girls are asking their boys to go to get them the perfect gift) i wanted to shake all the boys by grabbing them on the shoulders and telling them they were doing too much. one might say, "too much? how can a guy do too much for valentine's day?" well, after helping multiple guys pick out their so called "perfect gifts" i made sure to do my best to give them a slight piece of advice as i wrapped up their transaction. girls want a surprise. yes, we want the designer handbag, fragrance, and jewelry. but most of all, we like when you put some thought into that day.

my valentine's day could not have started off much better. one of my close guy friends knew i was in a down kind of mood and not really oh-so-in-the-spirit off the holiday. he was very adamant of taking me to breakfast and fitting it into my busy schedule of class, work, and class again. it made me giggle a little to think that he was worried about picking me up in what he called a "beater car," when in actuality, the flowers that were hand picked from his neighbors yard and blasting the old school music is what really brought a smile to my face.  now, yes... all of us girls would of swooned for the guy in the amazing sports car or big lifted truck to have come pick us up from school. but the three little flowers on the front seat of the car was way better than any showy kind of guy could have done.

here's a glimpse of how my morning began. and of course, i had to at least show off my own proud purchase from several years ago.

my day ended much better because the little ounce of faith i had in having a "loving" valentine's day came through. and i would of photographed my outfit yesterday for all to see, however i looked like i was going to st. valentine's funeral. i did bring out my wonderful prized possession, the kate spade graphite knightsbridge quinn. it's from over a year ago.. but oh how i love it.

a diy thing i did this weekend was accomplish a cupcake sandwich and help set up a blog for a friend of mine. please check his first post out! chivalry alive, it's perfect for all the boys out there to read. and quite pleasurable for us ladies as well. and the cupcake sandwich is described better on his blog.

choose to enjoy the little things in life. want for the best and for things to work out. need to share love and have confidence.


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