Sunday, January 30, 2011

school remix

as this busy weekend hit me all at once, i had no time to really sit down to share with all of you. however, i did have lots of inspiration for this upcoming week. on thursday i took some "down" time off of my own hands and headed to the school library. even though remixing my favorite winter staple pieces was not what i had planned on blogging about, this is what it has resorted to.

a girl needs to know how to mix and match the things she owns with other stuff. i realize that i often choose to wear my skinnies, leggings, boots, or some type of cardigan. it's the stuff you are most comfortable wearing that makes you feel the most confident. just like most girls, i want to expand my wardrobe as much as possible. after this month of blogging, i have helped my own style by realizing the things that may or may not be my best looks. my biggest tip of advice right now is to be bold and to not be afraid to wear something old. every time i pick up a top or a dress, i think to myself about how i wore it last and how i wore it best. next, think about how you can wear that same item differently. your wardrobe will expand the horizons.

so here's my remix of the week:
cardigan: bp nordstroms; flowy tank: target (available online only in solid or flowery prints); skinny jeans: forever21;  riding boots: target (available for half the online price if purchased in store); scarf: apt9 at kohls
location: school library, most awkward place to take a picture award goes to....
photograph taken by my good friend megan, thank you.


p.s. i'm wanting to share more with all of you this week! excited for more inspiration!

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