Monday, January 17, 2011

peanut gallery

the golden globe awards had me talking out loud in front of the t.v. by myself. i then realized that i was my own little peanut gallery and wanted to share with everyone my opinions on who was best dressed, and so on and so forth. i may not be a professional, but hey, us girls have an opinion that matter! i chose several eye catchers, whether they were great, amazing, or just "okay." i then decided to leave out the ones i felt needed help.

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emma stone in calvin klein collection  oh emma stone, beautiful new hair color.. but is it just me or does she look like she may have picked out this dress before she dyed her hair? i love the backless peach dress, and the fresh blonde hair, just not together. if she was trying to look invisible, i think she did a good job making every thing blend together. there is no contrast in color with her outfit, complexion or hair! if she had dropped her clutch on the carpet, chances are it would be long gone. i hate to be a picky meanie when it comes to watching red carpet events on t.v. but, seriously! common emma!

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kyra sedgwick in emilio pucci
i love, love, love emilio pucci gowns. every time there's been an emilio pucci on a red carpet, i've loved it! especially a mustard yellow floor length gown. i am a huge fan of mustard yellow, and i haven't figured out how to wear it just yet. love this look on kyra sedgwick. definitely one of my favorites.
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 kelly osbourne in zac posen
so, kelly osbourne has become more of a fashion inspiration of mine ever since i realized the dramatic changes she made after dancing with the stars. anyone can go from being looked down upon to a fashion icon by keeping their own sense of style that fits them. eva longoria also opted for a zac posen, i felt the fit and cut she chose were too typical. kelly accessorized perfectly and i love her hairstyle with this dress.

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 natalie portman in viktor & rolf
baby bump! love the baby bump, and love the choice of dress to show off the baby bump! just wish that stem and leaf of the crimson red flower were left out. love the red with light ballet pink. perfect choice, considering win and nominations for black swan. i am dying to see it! so cute.
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 olivia wilde in marchesa
beautiful. favorite. number one by far! my favorite, and yes... i might be somewhat biast. considering i have dark brown hair, and a similar bang haircut, i pictured myself in this dress. not only is marchesa a designer to die for, she looks absolutely elegant and magical in this gown.  she wore this dress as sexy and beautiful, i want to be her. haha.

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ryan gosling in salvatore ferragamo
obviously ryan gosling gets my choice of best dressed male. after looking at brad pitt an johnny depp's pictures on the red carpet. my best dressed male automatically without a challenger goes to ryan gosling. i think a bow tie can either look nerdy or hot. ryan gosling gets a hot, it all fit him so well.

sandra bullock was also another favorite of mine. again, i feel as though i am being bias considering she has amazing brown hair and her haircut is all to similar to my own. maybe my bangs haircut for the new year was a good idea? watch out sandra bullock, i think you might be trying to swoop in on my style. (if, and only if.)


p.s. because of my ways of forgetting things, the blog i had planned to do for today will be postponed to tomorrow. i felt the golden globes were a topic to talk about.

p.s.s. if i had an opportunity to wear a gown within this month, this grecian one shoulder dress would be in. cache almost always has the affordable gowns, if i needed one.

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