Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the forgotten accessory

i admired my nail polish all day today. i feel as though nail polish is the forgotten accessory. i love that you can wear certain nail polishes with any outfit and at any time of the day. being able to show off cute nail polish when you are working out, in class, or going to dinner without any extra maintenance is just icing on the cake.

first off, i am probably the last person you would want to paint your nails and i am horrible at painting my own. several nights ago, i applied two coats of this miraculous nail polish and was proud of my work. i did a good enough job to cause me to leave it on and not run straight to the nail salon. with my kind of budget, frequent trips to the nail salon are not a smart choice. however, investing in this nail polish was not only a want but a need as well. i love the darkest of reds and this nail polish by chanel makes it easier to avoid spending so much cash on manicures. the investment of about $25 can be made at most department stores. it goes on smoothly and this bottle shown below is well over a year old, still shows no signs of dryness or crusties. i also love this dark color because it matches everything!

nail colour diabolic (427) by chanel
as you can see, this bottle has taken quite the beating. it has two lids and this outside one, as well as the bottle itself have been on every trip i've gone on. the color is more known for fall or winter, but i think it's a fun mix up for summer with a dark tan.

twenty five dollars is not a bad investment on a bottle of nail polish that goes on so smoothly and lasts so long. especially since manicures now a days are roughly twenty dollars each time and you don't even get to keep the nail polish to fix any chips or cracks! and how can any girl resist the beauty of chanel...?


p.s. this is a perfect valentine's day nail polish!

p.s.s. if you are hesitant to make an investment on nail polish, i have heard lots of other great nail colors that work well for take home and diy. i personally have yet to try essie nail polish, but have heard it goes on well! i also enjoy nail polish by opi. my favorite color by them, i currently still have on my toes (chip-free) is called burlesque. check it out!

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