Tuesday, January 18, 2011

western shoe fetish

i haven't found it in any other target location besides the first one i saw them at. word of advice: do not ever let your boy take you away from a pair of heels that are this cute and only $20. thankfully, i have found this cute chunky tan heel sandal online. and after i check several more target locations to try on for fit, i will be purchasing them. it was easy for me to distinct this "want" into a "need". if any girl is dreaming about a pair of heels that going to be a seasonal purchase, it is a need. a distraction of my frequent visits to target, i have become sidetracked and purchased these cowboy booties (also only $20) that i wore to the professional bull riding event i went to last friday. since the sun was out today, i took advantage of wearing a short sleeve cropped shirt.

cropped top: forever21; skinnies: forever21 (shown previously);
necklace: nordstroms bp; boots: target (cheaper in store) 

i love testing myself in choosing between which items in my closet can be mix and matched to be made into cross- seasonal items. for example, the outfit i chose to wear to work yesterday was a darker, cold, january outfit. all i could think about during my down time at work was how i could wear each item of clothing well into spring. today, it was still somewhat chilly. however, i'm a little over excited for the spring weather and  neglected all sweaters and coats to be alone in the closet. a girl on a budget needs to make the most out of her wardrobe especially if she is one to make every single "cute" thing a purchase. items of clothing or accessories that work all year round are just about the best investments, especially  if you can find a great find with great quality.

photographs done by: the wonderful mommy! thank you for taking these pictures :) and for testing my strength to get myself into that tree!
location: my own backyard


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