Thursday, January 6, 2011

part deux

i find it hard to believe that anyone can complete a full fledged closet cleaning in one day. finding myself following the wise words of carrie in sex and the city, "i like my money right where i can see it, hanging in my closet." us college girls have to admit, we dream of the closet in the first sex and the city.(hell, i wish i had the one she cleans out in her old apartment.) being a girl that pays for my own clothing, i know i for sure have a very difficult time letting things go. being on a budget makes me want to hold on to any old clothing i have, but realistically if i hadn't worn it in more than ten months to a year, the chances of me wearing it again were very slim.

please keep in mind, i separated everything from my closet, dresser and armoire.
- "unwearable"s, this included anything with holes and stains, it all went straight in a trash bag
- 'key pieces", anything that i knew i would miss if i was left without it, refold or re-hang into a proper place
- "can't let go of"s, this included a variety of items for myself, best to have a second opinion before making any final decisions
- donation pile, i further divided this pile up into donate, hand it down, and possible re-sell items
- i found a laundry basket full of stuff that just simply needed to be sent to the dry cleaners or tailor, make sure to not get any of that mixed up with donations! i know i only send my prized possessions go to the dry cleaner or tailor, and would be devastated if they wound up thrown out.

so like i promised, here are the before pictures... and i warn you, they are tragic.

i hope this public embarrassment causes me to never leave my room like this again!

left to right: "can't let go of"s, hand it down, "unwearable"s ( yes, there is a foam finger in there), tailor/ dry cleaning

maybe my bookshelf is a new project?

not so fairy tale ending, but got me much more satisfied than i had planned to be. here are the after pictures, for the most part.
want: new hangers

need: to make a trip to a cobbler

top row: "unwearable"s, tailor/ dry cleaning
bottom row: hand it down, donation clothes, donation shoes

i placed shoes to donate in a canvas beach bag i had found in my closet. this made it a lot less stressful when it came to worrying about a bag ripping open because of a sharp heel.

choose: to make your little sister happy

i thoroughly enjoyed my sister wanting to come in, she was able to help me keep the memory of my eighth grade graduation dress alive, as well as my freshman formal dress, the light purple floral dress was all the way back from a sixth grade tea party! i can now keep the stuff close while still saving space in my closet!
overall, this project has been a great way to start off the new year. yay for 2011. my closet is ready for you :)


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