Friday, January 14, 2011


relaxation- noun
1. abatement or relief from bodily or mental work, effort, application, etc.
2. an activity or recreation that provides such relief; diversion; entertainment

location: aptos, ca
date: january 12th, 2011
we all need our beauty sleep, and simple relaxation. i was lucky enough to take in this breath-taking view all day yesterday. the nature's beauty can inspire so much within one's sense of style and i know when it comes to going to the coast, i love to wear neutral colors and lightweight, yet cozy sweaters.

my new favorite wine glasses, no stem makes drinking wine much less nerve racking.

i love warm weather, messily cuffed jeans and glitter nail polish.
nail polish: opi "burlesque"

scarf: from some random kiosk in new york new york casino in lv, nv; tank: bp nordstroms;
sweater: juicy couture drape pullover sweater with back cowl ;
jeans: last year's "kate" jean by juicy couture, worn cuffed and more distressed than ever before

cocktail ring: costume jewlery by lia sophia "at last"

the colors of the sunset literally make me so excited for warmer weather!

location: aptos, ca
date: january 12th, 2011
i enjoyed relaxing and playing among the beach. every person that walked by had the cutest dogs, both big and small. i can't wait to go back and possibly bring my dog "chewie" mostly because i think she would not know what to do with herself with that much freedom.

during this little get-a-way, i chose to take lots of pictures, especially of the scenery and food. i wanted to purchase the cutest heels, resisted because the boy pulled me away before i could take off my boots and knee high socks tucked under my skinnies to try them on :( and i need to not only continue to relax a bit more, but run back to the store to pick up those heels! they were for sure on my want list and i haven't stopped thinking about all the stuff i could wear them with. so tomorrow, i shall go to the store.

sorry for the late night blogging! i will have another post tomorrow hopefully earlier in the day. i've got a fun friday night planned, whether i choose to wear my old  worn out boots or go back to the store to purchase those cute heels... well you'll just have to wait and see.


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