Wednesday, January 12, 2011

beach bummed

currently i am on a mini "get-a-way" trip with the boy. the poor guy is going to have to suffer with taking some pictures because, i mean what's a better back drop for taking pictures than the pacific ocean.  as i should be enthused that i get a couple days off and am spending it at the beach, it seems as though the twilight zone is taking over and trying to bring me down. last night there was a very minimal (4.5) earthquake that just about scared me back home. this scared me mostly because now that i am old enough to realize when there is an earthquake nearby an ocean, there very well could be a tsunami. anyways, as i shake my head in how silly i am being, i am sorry to disappoint you all but i will not be able to share pictures until either thursday night or friday afternoon because of some complications with technology that i do not have any expertise in. i promise a plethora of pictures.

today, i choose to take a long walk on the beach; want to take lots of pictures; and need go to the grocery store to attempt to make a shrimp alfredo pasta, salad, and garlic bread.

promise, promise, promise pictures to come :]

everyone enjoy your day!


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