Monday, January 3, 2011

the first step

today, the first official weekday of the new year. with overwhelming myself with the new year and the resolutions i plan myself for, it all comes with budgeting myself with time and money. the main reason for this blog is to not only help myself with choosing, wanting, and needing, but to help others :)

within week one, my goal is to do a closet cleanse. revamping my own wardrobe by knocking out the stuff i have held on to (not to mention, not worn) since high school. the closet organization must start by separating the non-wearables, key pieces, "can't let go of"s and the donation pile. now, this is just a first step... drafting out my plan, and i feel with the new year this is perfect timing. i literally have a pile of clothes 3 ft tall sitting in the corner of my room beside my closet, and a pile of hangers on the ground and hanging off my coat tree. enough is enough, and the closet cleanse must begin.

hopefully this will inspire you to choose to have a closet cleanse; because i mean, you do need it and then you can refill it with things you want!

before and after pics to come...


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