Monday, January 24, 2011

too school for cool

with the first day of school, i never realized how much i enjoy seeing all of the different and unique styles of individuals wandering frantically around campus. i feel college gives so many people that one outlet for their own sense of style. we all see those girls and guys that just try too hard, and the others that just don't try at all. after keeping my eyes open to other's choices of clothing and accessories, i just could not help but share some advice.

disclaimer: i am not perfect, and i did go to my first day of class in workout clothes. i made sure to coordinate carefully and wore cute and comfy tennis shoes. (thank you reebok easytones!) it was freezing this morning and the fog was disgusting, so i bundled up as best i could. considering the fact that i went to my very first yoga class at the awkward time of noon, i felt wearing a cute yoga outfit would keep me positive and motivated for the semester. well, at least for day one.

throughout the day i saw a wide variance of looks that i just cringed at. here's a list of things i feel every girl (or even guy) should "choose to not" for the first day of school. first impressions are much more memorable than we would believe.

choose to not:
- wear your favorite football team's jersey, professors have their preferences and they will call you out if you are rooting for the opposing team. superbowl is a little less than 2 weeks away, think about it.
- wear heels. enough said, if you can't keep them on or switch to flats discreetly... wait, no... just please do not wear heels to your first day of class.. we all know you do not have a "presentation" you have to dress up for, and if you are heading to or from work, keep a change of cute flats in your car. i'm saving you from embarrassment and pain. wear a cute pair of boots or flats to "dress" up your outfit, it's just school.
- wear pajamas, tweedy bird and spiderman can stay in your bed. it just isn't even close to looking presentable. at least throw on some sweats that are meant for running errands or working out!
- wear anything super short or revealing, school is not a nightclub. i saw a girl wearing a cardigan that barely covered her bum, with just a camisole and sheer tights. keyword, sheer tights.. meant for under a dress or skirt! she literally looked like she forgot bottoms. don't be that girl.
-smoke "ciggs" as soon as you exit a class or your car. people are trying to enjoy the clean air and what's left of it, so please wait at least until you get in your car. it's an ugly accessory anyways.

i really want for everyone to take this advice and keep it in a place where it will not be forgotten. however, i know in the real world as much as everyone needs me, i can't save everyone from making major fashion faux pas. haaha. just kidding, kind of.


p.s. thank you to the remarkable people that really pushed me today. i'm stretching my limits more and more in trying new things, and i love you all for helping me do that.

p.s.s. yes, my title is quoted from pink's song "raise your glass", that quote alone felt like it described my day perfectly.

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