Monday, January 10, 2011

perfect coat

every girl needs a perfect coat. by being thrifty with past coat purchases, i found my coats to get that "worn out pajama" look after few uses. i knew it was time to finally look for a coat of good quality and classic style. my need was a long- lasting warm winter coat, and i choose to go with one that would be casual enough to wear with jeans and boots or a little black dress and heels. now and of course i wanted  it to be from one of my favorite stores, juicy couture.

photographs done by my mother, she not only has a great camera but knows how to take a good picture. thanks mom :)

also, special thanks to my amazing boyfriend for the perfect coat as an early christmas present. he really knew i could not live without it.


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  1. awe alyssa you are so cute! i love you site!