Sunday, January 23, 2011


today i was completely unmotivated to do basically anything. besides having somewhat of a headache from a lack of hydrating myself throughout the weekend, nothing sounded more appealing to me than sitting on the couch with the fatty tub of mint choco chip ice cream i found in the freezer. (thanks, mom!)

yesterday, i went on my first adventure to my school's new health and wellness center and basically kicked my own butt. by over working myself yesterday because of my highly motivated spirits, i realized to take other's advice on not wearing myself out. i want working out to be fun and positive, so swimsuit browsing online seemed to make me look forward to tomorrow's trip to the gym. preparing myself for this upcoming week in school is definitely still on my to do list for the night, all while i am trying to find the hottest swimsuit styles for this coming spring.

swimsuit browsing > preparing for school.... not really, don't take that piece of advice :)

i have mentioned before, and have found a brand called alexis that has an amazing collection that looks as though it would be ideal for any beach resort vacation. how could any girl not feel like they were off in the tropics while wearing anything from this collection. i am so obsessed and i want it.

as a girl trying to make her way through school and still having a love for fashion, i would love to sign up for every credit card i could get approved for and max it out on designer clothing but that is just not a smart idea. moving away from the bad advice, i choose to research the hottest styles through the designer name brands, and as a student, i need to keep track of those ideas and look at lower cost stores.

for swimsuits, (depending on one's body type and style) i have heard so many opinions on whether or not a swimsuit should be an investment piece. for myself, i am a more average size so it is easier for me to find a fit at any store. i also am one to want to wear a different swimsuit for each day of the week when it comes to summer time. if i plan to invest, i decide to invest in mix and match pieces. keep in mind when shopping where you will be swimming, who you are swimming with, and if it is a  swimsuit you think you will wear next year as well. very important and boring information, i apologize... but i feel it is so crucial!

hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! and wish me luck with my first week of the spring 2011 semester!


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